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Facebook Image Size for your Teespring Campaign – The Complete Guide

Facebook image size is ever changing, and today we will look at the perfect image size for your Facebook pages and all of your advertising. I know some of you actually refrain from posting images because you don’t have the exact sizes, but today I will show you in details all you need to know about image sizes.


7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing on Your Fan Page to boost your Teespring Profits

Having a Facebook fan page is a must to sell Teespring shirts to any niches on Facebook. It will boost Facebook engagement with your followers and increase the chances in showing up in people’s news feeds.
However, there’s a ton of Facebook fan pages that aren’t successful. Just by owning one doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. So today, I’m going to list and help you overcome the most common mistakes I see people make on their Facebook fan pages.

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The Ultimate Teespring Guide

This guide will walk you through the whole shirt-creation process. From finding ideas, hiring designer, split testing, to everything in between. You will discover the 4 essential steps to creating a successful Teespring campaign.

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Increase Your Facebook Reach and sell more shirts Without Spending a Dime

Last year, there were rumors that Facebook was holding back the organic traffic just to drive more ads revenue, but later on it was announced that it was an attempt to get rid of spam and irrelevant content. Whether the case may be… Today I’m going to show you 5 ways to increase your Facebook reach without spending a dime…


Teespring Traffic Explosion Blueprint –

In this module, you will discover how to drive traffic to any of your shirts (or any product). The 3 step formula to building trust with your audience. 3 done for you templates you can start using to promote your shirts. You will also learn how to monetise and maximize profits in your niche.

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Selling More Than Shirts – The secret to building long term profits

In this module, we learn how to get lifetime customers and how selling shirts can help you build a real business. You will discover the secret to get long term value from your facebook fans. We will then go step by step and show you how to build your very own lifetime generating customer machine!


T-shirt PNG Designs Giveaway! Just Download the link!

Hey guys! I know some of you requested some of my designs… well here is some of the one I have got done! It is yours for the taking! My designer is very good! If you guys want any more designs just let me know. If they are easy to tweak to other niches, i can get them done for you and upload them here! For now, enjoy those designs!


Ads Copy Mastery

In this course, I show you exactly what a winning ad looks like and what are the 3 essential things you need to have in order to get clicks to your products. We also discover the only 5 words that you will ever need to get anyone to take action and purchase any products. Also, we discover the ultimate way to use social proof to boost any ads right from the start!


Teespring Case study – Step by step over my shoulder.

In this step-by-step Teespring case study, I will show you over my shoulder exactly how to set up your Teespring campaign from start to finish. The design I use and the 4 secrets to get more sales out of your Teespring campaigns. What you will learn: how to get the best custom audience for your ads, the exact design I use for this campaign (download the design at the bottom of the post), how to use Facebook power editor to create your campaign, and how to add scarcity to your campaign (you don’t want to miss this one!)

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How to use Facebook Page Insights for your Teespring campaigns

Facebook Page Insights are a very useful data analysis tool created by the good people at Facebook. The goal of the tool is to give you:

a true insight of what’s happening on your page
which campaigns are doing better for your paid or organic reach
the demographics of the audience you are reaching
which posts are doing good
and many other things
You must have at least…

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Social Interest Freak

Social Interest Freak

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Learn How To Make Money With Teespring!

Receive in your mailbox, FREE UPDATE as soon as they arrive!

Learn how to make money with teespring today! Dont waste another minute and sign up now for the newsletter!