How to get FREE traffic to your Teespring Campaigns

I know all of you want to know the best way to get free traffic to your campaigns. Well Today, I will show you how you can keep all your hard earn money and get FREE traffic to any of your Teespring Campaign!

What you will learn:

  • Where to get over 100 millions people waiting to be advertise to.
  • How to use Instagram, pinterest and facebook groups to get Free traffic

Method #1 Instagram

The first way to get free traffic is by using Instagram. There is more than 100 millions active user on Instagram! This is a 100 millions FREE customers. All you need is an Instagram account!

What you need to do:

Go on other people account and like their pictures to draw attention to your own profile which as a link to your teespring campaign.

The reason it works is because on Instagram, when someone comment or like your picture, you get a pop-up notification so people get notified and know who  like or comment on their picture. Then most of them will go look at your profile to see who it is and they will see your shirt with your link.

Lets see how it all comes together and how we can make this system the most effective possible.

First we need to create our account. You can use any name, either fictional or related to your niche. Same thing with the profile picture. You can use a picture related to your niche or you can use an attractive looking girl! Experiment with both and see which one work best for your niche.

In the description, you want to add some text. You want to talk about your niche and hint about the shirt. You want to create scarcity and make it exclusive. Make sure your link is added in the website section.

Upload the picture of your shirt as your first picture and your profile is ready!

Now you need to find pictures to like with hashtag relatd to your niche. You can do it manually but it is going to take a massive amount of time. I know a friend that would just like picture for an hour or two every night. Luckily you can use tools.

You can use a tool like an instagram bot to make your life easier. You just enter a bunch of keywords and the bot will start liking picture for you. The best bots will let you choose random amount of time between like and randomize your comment as well so it look very natural.

Then once you start getting follower in your niche, you can post new shirts and they will all receive it in their feed. Just keep growing your following!


Method #2 Pinterest

Pinterest is a little like facebook in a sense that people have walls where they share their favourite pictures. The difference is that you cannot comment or spam other people walls. You need to get on their good side. Some niche related board have thousands of follower which is a real goldmine for marketer.

The best way to find a board is just to make a search with your niche keyword and find the boards that have the more followers. Then go on their profile. They will usually have their blog address or Facebook account listed their.

Then reach out to them and on facebook messenger or email and say something like: Hey, im a big fan of your board. I’v been following you for many months now and I really enjoy your board!(flattery is good) I just found this really cool t-shirt and I taught it would be perfect for your board! Let me know what you think! 🙂

Once it is pin on the board, you will get very targeted eye balls on your shirt! and the best part is that you can re-pin stuff you find on other board. So you will get tons of re-pin and so much more exposure.


Method #3 Facebook Groups

Using Facebook Group

Find all the groups related to your niche on facebook. Contact the admin and ask them if they want to pin your design on their on top of their group. If its a cool shirt they are most likely to say yes, also the cool thing is that often, groups contain multiple admin so you can reach out to each of them and ask for a spot!

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on advertising when running a campaign. You can try those techniques and even test different shirt idea that way. It is important to build a following in your niche, grow it and advertise to them.

Also as you can probably see the site use to be a little bit more open, but I started closing section to members only. So only you guys will receive the new tutorial! I hope you enjoyed this one. Try different thing and see what works for you.

I’m curious to know what is one free advertising method you are using right now? comment below!