Facebook Image Size for your Teespring Campaign – The Complete Guide

Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook image size is ever changing and today we will look at the perfect image size for your Facebook pages and all of your advertising. I know some of you actually refrain from posting image because you don’t have the exact sizes but today I will show you in details all you need to know about image sizes.


Cover Photo

You probably know what a cover photo is on facebook, but just in case you’ve missed out it is the huge panoramic like image placed at the very top of your timeline. When measured it is 851px wide by 315px high:


The minimum width for the picture you plan to upload is 399px, the optimal size is 720px wide and if you upload a larger picture file then you will be given the opportunity to drag it and reposition it as you will. Many people use panoramic views as their cover photos, but collages are also fun to see.

img2If you’re not satisfied with the looks of your new cover photo just scroll over the Change Cover tab located on the right bottom angle of the picture and you can easily change it or adjust it in some way. It is probably smart to use PNG formatted pictures that are less than 100kb in size and with dimensions of 851×315 pixels.

Profile Picture

You probably noticed the dimensions of the profile picture on the first image in this article, but here are some interesting details about the size of the profile picture on your facebook profile. First of all, you must upload a picture that has minimum of 180×180 size, which will afterwards be transformed to 160×160 size. The picture will actually be 168×168 pixels, but it is displayed with only 160×160 size.

img3If you choose a picture that is not square, you can adjust which part of the picture will be officially published by clicking on the Edit Thumbnail icon in the Edit Profile Picture dropdown menu located on the bottom right corner of the profile picture.


The profile picture is scaled down to 32×32 size when it is shown on your Timeline or when everybody else sees it on the News Feed. If the picture appears to blurry try uploading the same file, but instead of the regular 180×180 try a 320×320 resolution.

Shared Link Thumbnails

The new facebook design promoted in March this year simplified great number of image size connected issues, but didn’t manage to do that with Shared Link Thumbnails. In the ideal case you will get a box filled with a 484×252 pixels (see picture). You can also get a partial picture box that is 155px wide or profile picture that is 114px high.


Single Timeline Photo

You can post more than one picture at once and they are automatically put together but you need the good size.

The main number to remember here is 504 because there are three different scenarios that can happen and they all somehow result with 504 pixels.

504×504 square picture


504 pixels wide picture, used for horizontal images


504 pixels high picture, used for profile images


More Than One Image On Timeline

Here it all depends from your first step. If you upload two pictures and the first one you select is horizontal this will show up differently compared to the scenario when you first select a vertical picture. To make things simpler and clearer here is an actual example.

2 Images With A Horizontal Primary Image


2 Images With A Vertical Primary Image


2 Images With A Square Primary Image


3 Images With A Horizontal Primary Image


3 Images With A Vertical Primary Image


3 Images With A Square Primary Image


4 Images With A Horizontal Primary Image


4 Images With A Vertical Primary Image


4 Images With A Square Primary Image


News Feed Issues

You’ve probably spent lots of time adjusting the size of your photos in order for them to look good on your timeline, but that’s not the end of the road because they will not appear like that on your users News Feed. The maximum image space on a news feed is 470px wide by 394px high, but images displayed on the News Feed are never cropped, just adjusted.

Horizontal Image


Vertical Image


Image Quality Is Always Affected

The thing with facebook is that it usually compresses images heavily so this will affect the quality of everything you upload. This is understandable as the FB team only wants to speed up load time on their pages. There are many elements that cause different compression ranging from the range of colors in your image file to the detail level of the file you are trying to upload. Another thing that is good to know is that the type of images you upload is also important and because of that Photo Galleries have less compression than other types of pictures.

Facebook Picture Cheat Sheet


News Feed Ads & Sidebar Like Ads

There is a difference when you do a regular post with an image VS when you create specific ad campaign for your page. Here are the image sizes that you need to use for your Advertising Campaign. Note that the image size is the same for created events, page advertisement and sponsored stories.



When you need to advertise an application then you will use the same picture size, but it will be presented little bit different from the previous case.



When you advertise only a domain that will show up like this in the facebook sidebar:


There are couple of differences when the user opens up all of these ads through his mobile device.

Page Post Like Ad on Mobile


App Ad on Mobile