How to use Facebook Page Insights for your Teespring campaigns

What Are Facebook Page Insights?

Facebook Page Insights are a very useful data analysis tool created by the good people at Facebook. The goal of the tool is to give you:

  • a true insight of what’s happening on your page
  • which campaigns are doing better for your paid or organic reach
  • the demographics of the audience you are reaching
  • which posts are doing good
  • and many other things

You must have at least 31 likes on your page in order to use Facebook Page Insights.

I Have Trouble Finding The Page Insights

Don’t worry if you have problem even locating FB Insights at the beginning. Yes Facebook has a simple and user friendly design, but sometimes stuff can look hidden and you will end up searching for couple of hours for them.

Don’t lose any precious time, here’s where you can find Facebook Insights on your Page:

where is facebook insight

Just click on the Insights icon that is located on the left sidebar in the newsfeed of your page, just under your profile picture.

Facebook Insights Features and What Issues They Answer

After creating a Page on Facebook you have only made the first step towards success. You got the cool name and you’re ready to create viral content and promote your shirts to your niche. But no matter what niche you’re in, you’ll need to use Page Insights in order to be as effective as possible in your marketing.

Some of the questions that you will answer through this feature include: “Is my page operating successfully?”, “Who are the people that are engaging with my page?”, “Is that engagement truly effective?”, “Do I need to adjust my content strategy?”

Overview SectionImage 2

Overview is the part of the Insights panel where you will get most recent information regarding Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement in the past week. You can click on any of these three columns in order to get a more detailed analysis about which we will talk later in this post.Image 3

Bellow these three very useful features you will find a box called Your 5 Most Recent Posts, which will show you your latest posts and short statistical info about them.

It includes the type of the post and its target audience, reach of the post and how many people have engaged (click through rate), and an option to promote your post. All of these options are further explored in separate sections of the Page Insights panel.Image 4

Last, but not least in the overview section is the Pages To Watch box. It is the only feature that is available only in the Overview department and it shows you how you perform compared to other pages in your niche.

Remember that it is always smart to research about your competition because you can learn a lot from their behavior, what to avoid and what to promote even more.image 5

Likes Section

Image 6

Here is a section of the Insights Panel that is partly available in the Overview module mentioned above. The difference is that here you can get more in depth analysis of the likes you get or the visitors that you lose.

First of all you will need to select a relevant period for which you would like to make the analysis. You can make that using the widget on the top of the Likes section.Image 7

Below this you will find the good old Total Likes graph where you will see how the amount of likes has increased or decreased during the predetermined period of time.

Image 8

After that you are getting to the really juicy stuff and the Net Likes: What Changed section. This demographic tool will show you the net amount of likes that you receive calculated through a simple formula: Likess – Unlikes = Net Likes.

This is a good answer to the question: “Are we doing thing the right way and are we providing quality content?”Image 9

You can click on Unlikes, Organic Likes and Paid Likes; buttons located in the right sidebar of this section and receive useful data about all three entities. Average amount of likes for a certain period is the star feature in this section.Image 10

All of these features were kids stuff, stuff for beginners compared to the last demographic analysis tool in the Likes section that is called Where Your Page Likes Came From. This is the core info that you need when you start creating a new campaign or content strategy.

It is crucial to know who is bringing the most traffic to your FB page. Are those sponsored posts, paid or organic likes or just search results. Here you will get the number of times your Page was liked, broken down by where it happened.Image 11

You can choose between Page Suggestions, On Your Page, Page Likes, Search and Others from the right sidebar menu in order to get more specific data.Image 12

Reach SectionImage 13

Don’t forget to select a time period that you want to preview. This is available on all the Facebook Insights sections.

Image 7

Post Reach is the number of people that actually saw your post. They didn’t need to be a part of your like fan base or have friends that liked some of your posts.

Instead, this is the number of people that in one way or another in a certain moment were exposed to some of your posts. Post Reach, Organic vs. Paid is the first step towards determining how engaging is your page and the posts you publish.Image 14

It is logical that you will want to know how many likes, shares or comments did you received for that amount of reach. This determines how good your content management was regarding the Call-To-Action tactics.Image 15

Don’t be mad at the people that unliked your page or reported is as spam, instead learn from them. That’s why the Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes demographic presentation is a part of the Facebook Insights.

As you can notice, we run a pretty interesting page so nobody unliked it in recent times. I’m just kidding, it happens to everybody on regular basis.

Just remember that you can click on any part of the graph and you will receive more detailed information like which posts were active during the period when you received the most unlikes.Image 16

Total Reach is: “The number of people who were served any activity from your Page including posts, posts by other people, Page like ads, mentions and checkins.”

This can be very useful data. Imagine you email the people that purchase your shirt. Tell them that if they repost your shirt on their page, they will automatically added into a draw to win awesome freebies.Image 17

Visits Section

Image 18

The Visits section is very useful to see what parts of your page have been visited the most (Page and Tabs Visits). It also shows which person or page has been the most active on your page (Other Page Activity)

You can quickly find out which were the most successful outside sources that led towards your page like search engines, blogs, webpages or forums (External Referrers).Very useful data to know when you do advertising outside of Facebook on forums, post comment, instagram, pinterest etc…

Image 19

Posts SectionImage 20

The Visits section really goes in detail about your audience and the posts that they were viewing and were engaging them. There are three subsections that are very useful:

“When Your Fans Are Online” provides insight of the time in the day and specific days of the week when your fans are online. Use this to compile the right Content Marketing Time Schedule. see also how to schedule your postImage 21

Bellow that you will find short info about all of your posts that includes:

  • the date when the post was published
  • the target audience
  • title
  • type
  • how many people did it reach
  • how many of them engaged in any way

Comparing similar posts from the same day of the week during a different time period can prove to be crucial towards increasing the engagement of your visitors.

Image 22

The Post Types sections gives you an average Reach and Engagement of all of your posts categorized by types like photos, links or statuses; so you can determine on which types of posts to focus more.Image 23

See what is your competition doing right or wrong. By checking out the Top Posts from Pages You Watch section you can get great ideas for your next post or learn some tricks regarding Facebook publishing like which picture sizes to use for different posts.Image 24

People Section   Image 25

Knowing who your perfect fan is can determine the nature of your content and the pages where you advertise. If your perfect fan is a 19 year old girl from Albuquerque you will surely not promote T-Shirts about Star Wars. You can check out Your Fans, People Reached and People Engaged.Image 26

Export OptionImage 27

Finally, you can always export all of the information from the Facebook Page Insights in an Excel document or a .csv files. This is a great way to research about popular keywordsImage 28