Teespring campaigns – How to make money with Teespring shirts

How a Few Teespring Campaigns Can Let You Earn more than 5,000 Dollars!

teespring campaigns

Taking a look at the screenshot up there, it’s easy to wonder, how the heck did someone sell so many shirts? Well it isn’t that hard, and with the right approach, you can easily get the exact same success!

This is what I did to make money with Teespring campaigns:

First, find a good idea.

I needed a good idea for a shirt and for an audience. It is my first time on Teespring so I have basically no idea where to start. And so I started browsing Teespring campaigns on Teeview to find good shirt ideas.

Once I had a few good ideas, I started using the keyword search bar on Teeview to get a better idea of which niche was worth going after and which one wasn’t. This was the ground work, and it was crucial in my success. You don’t want to skip this step. More on that will be discussed later.

I was able to find a couple niche that would be a perfect fit for my new shirt idea. I went to work with my graphic designer. (You can actually hire a top designer for a fraction of their price!) Back to my story, so we designed a few shirts and created a few unique advertising image.

Split Testing: The Key Ingredients to Success!

I started with my first design. It was aimed to women, and it was really popular with other niches. For some strange reason, my niche wasn’t buying it. I split test my facebook advertising by age, sex, and a lot of different ads.

I was making money at the start, but because it was my first campaign, I started doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. First, I did the mistake to change my bidding style to try to give a new life to my Teespring campaigns.

That was a big mistake; Facebook then decided to optimize my conversion to about 26$ per shirt. This was a total newbie mistake, and I was just starting out with Teespring. I didn’t knew better.

I ended up losing about a 100$ on this shirt. The good thing is every time I lose money on a campaign, I learn something. And so I learn a lot from this one. Here is what happened on my very next campaign.

The next design I tried was a LOT more successful. It was a different design that I found during the ground work I did before. So I launch a few campaigns with this shirt. I split test age and sex.

On this campaign, I found out quickly that only men in the older age group were turning me a profits. So I turn my focus on them and pause all other age groups. I create a series of advertising and start split testing along with different ads copy.

After running about 30$ in split test and still making a profit, I had found my best converting ads with this age groups. I increased my daily spending limit and let this campaign run for a few hours.

My conversion on this age group with the new ads went from about 11$ to a low 7.5$/conversion. That means that I was making at least 17$/shirt sold! I was looking at a huge ROI!

And I was selling a lot of shirt!

I decided to scale and extend my advertising to other age groups that I had drop earlier. And it worked very well! They all started to purchase my shirt just because of a few special tweaks I did to my campaign! I ended up selling around a 100 shirts in 7 days on this one campaign.

Now the great thing is that everybody can do the same; you just need to know what to do. Thats why i created a Teespring Guide and