How To Merge CSV Files for your Custom Audience on Facebook?

Have you started scraping Facebook pages and groups to get a custom audience using a scraper like Social Lead Freak? That’s great! Well there is one problem… You probably have multiple .csv files all over your computer now. Every time that you scrape a page, you get a new file!

The worst is that you need to upload each file separately to your Facebook advertising campaign. Wouldn’t be easier if there was a way to put all those files into one masterfile with one easy command! Well, it is possible… and its free in this teespring tutorial 🙂



  • How to merge all your .csv files into one master file.


To merge all your csv files into one files, you first need to move all the files you want to merge together into one folder. After moving them, access command prompt on you computer and run it as administrator. To access command prompt, head over to your search bar on your start menu and type in “command prompt” Then right click on it and choose “run as administrator” as shown below.

run as administrator

run as administrator


To navigate in command prompt use the following 3 command:

cd.. to go back one folder

cd “folder name” to go in a specific folder.

dir will give you the directory list within a folder.

so you see below: I type cd.. and i takes me from “Alex” back to “Users” folder. Than I type cd alex and it takes me into Alex folder.



To find where a folder is situated, right click on any csv file in that folder and select properties.



Then look under location, you will find the exact path to follow to reach the file.



Follow the location path and reach the folder using cd and cd.. Once you reach the folder containing all the csv files to merge type: copy *.csv all-groups.csv



Thats it! Now go back and have a look in your folder. You will have a new file named all-groups which contain all the csv files! Go upload that file directly into Facebook custom audience and go sell some teespring or fabrily shirts! Let me know what kind of tutorial you’d like to see next by commenting below!