Modafinil skyrocketed my teespring success

There’s something that really helped me when i started with teespring and it is called Modafinil.

If you never heard of Modafinil, it is a powerful nootropics aka Brain enhancer that improve focus and greatly reduce fatigue. I have a full post that talk about it on my personal blog where I review the 2 biggest modafinil provider Afinilexpress and modup.


The main thing about tee spring is that it requires a lot of your time because you need to think about design, get designer to do it then create a LOT of ads. Once the ads are created, you need to monitor them all which also take quite a long time. This is where modafinil come into play.

With Modafinil you can literally work for 16 hours day non-stop back to back without any problem. I remember staying in my rooms for days in row when i was creating this very site, teespring expert, and launching tons of campaign at the same time. It was very time intensive but time is not a problem when you take modafinil.

I could literally work non stop, only take a break to go to the toilet and eat. It literally changed my life. When people asked me how I did it, I will usually talk about the niche I was into or the different system or book i read. But there is one thing for sure, Modafinil really helped me skyrocket my results.

It’s like coffee on steroids, you take it and you feel a boost in energy, but pretty soon you feel super focus and you don’t want to go on Facebook or youtube, all you want to do is work. It is quite amazing and i would recommend this to anybody that think about getting into internet marketing.

The reason why i recommend it is that if you are anything like me and have problems concentrating for long period of time, this will literally change your life. As i said before, 16 hours+ work day sitting in front of your computer will sounds like a pleasurable day.

Why? because you are so focus on the task at end that you lose track of time. There is nothing that compare to the feeling of looking back on your day and see the amount of work completed. There is a level of satisfaction in it that cannot be compared. Now imagine how you feel after a 16+ hours day of work where you only stop to drink and eat. It feels amazing.

Any task you were putting off doing because there was a big time involvement required will not scare you anymore because you know you can harness huge amount of hours in row on  any given task. This my friend is the magic of Modafinil.

So creating 100 of advertising and monitoring them all while searching for new design and talking with your designers will feel like a walk in the park when you have the focus of a jet fighter…. and did i told you that it’s the same stuff the US give to their Jet fighters?

Overall Modafinil is quite amazing and it is one of the reason why I enjoy the success I have today in Internet Marketing. Im not saying by any mean that you need it, but personally, it was a big game changer. As I said before, I have a full post on why I take Modafinil on my blog along with a full review of Afinilexpress and Modup, the 2 biggest modafinil provider on the market.

I hope you enjoy this post, if you have any question leave them in the comments and i’ll be happy to comment! Cheers!