I thought it would be useful to have a ressource page where all the tools I use are listed. I only put here the tools i actually use. I suggest you to bookmark it for future reference!

Also, certain of those link are affiliates link. it means that i make a small commission every time that someone purchase through it. There is absolutely no added cost to you. If you choose to purchase through my link, i just want to thank you.


Social Interest Freak: This is my favorite tool to scrape facebook pages and it is by far my most use software. This is a very good way to create custom audience and actually make money advertising on Facebook.







Tee Inspector: This one is definitly one of the best software available at the moment. It do all the work to find you a niche. It will tell you what campaign are successful at the moment and what shirt you should be creating. This is a pretty amazing software, highly recommended.