The Ultimate Teespring Guide

Introducing the right mindset

Congratulations! A lot of people dream of quitting their job or getting a second income but very few actually take the step to achieve it. You decided otherwise. You are part of the small minority that takes action and works toward their goal. This is a journey and I’m really happy to be part of yours!

Stop whatever you are doing right now. I want you to take a moment because this is the most important part of this book.

I want you to make a decision right now. I want you to decide and resolve to succeed no matter what. You should not care about what your neighbours say or what your family thinks. Today I give you permission to succeed. I want you to realize that your future is in your own hands. You have full control over your success. Nobody can control your destiny. Make that decision now and never forget about it! Decide right now that you will win no matter what. Every step forward makes you stronger. Everty no bring you closer to a yes.

You probably heard of this woman, she got raped at age 9 and was pregnant by age 14. She is now one of the richest women in the USA. Her name is Opra Winfrey. So don’t tell me that your market is saturated, or that you just can’t find a good design. If you really want it, you will succeed and I know you want it otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this book. You want to win and I want you to win! Don’t get me wrong, it will get tough, but you will succeed. This book has everything you need to get you started to make your first pile of bucks. But your learning experience shouldn’t stop here. I want you to keep your eyes open for new ideas and new techniques. I purchase at least two   audio books a month, I subscribe to at least a few membership sites a month and buy multiple products online every single month. I don’t do that just to spend my money but it only takes one good idea for me to make a lot of money. Do the same and to your success my friend!

What They Don’t Teach You in Business School AKA:  RIP, PIVOT, JAM

Rip, pivot, jam is the ultimate technique to start a business or make money with anything. I successfully apply it to almost everything I undertake and again it works wonders with Teespring. I borrowed this technique from Dan and Ian at the Lifestyle Tropical MBA. By the way, if you haven’t listen to their podcast go right now to subscribe to their feed: Rip-pivot-jam alone might make you thousands of dollars.

This is how it works:

  1. RIP off an idea that works to bring revenue to someone else right now. In our case, a shirt design that is selling well.
  2. PIVOT it by either altering the design or offering it to another crowd or market.
  3. JAM the design by advertising it! Very simple and very effective! Let’s take it step by step.

RIP: Pay close attention here. By “rip” we are NOT saying in any way to “copy ” or “steal”. Don’t just go out and copy the hot design of the day. Instead, become greatly inspired from it. It’s your first new design and it’s okay to borrow ideas. Rip is good only if you know how to Pivot.

Pivot: Change the angle or add something. This is very straightforward. You have seen

“this girl loves the D” shirt everywhere by now for the mighty Ducks of Anaheim or Red Wings of Detroit. A good pivot would be to take the idea and pivot it to another team or subject. Another pivot would be to find a similar play on words. Or just use “this girl loves …” and fill in the blank with something else. Same thing with Sons of Anarchy. Rip it off and just change the word to another team or subject. Pivoting a winning shirt is the best way to get you started!

Jam: Advertise your design and sell it!

How to find a good niche: A good niche is a subject, person, sport, news, events, place, people, etc., that people are talking about and are passionate enough to buy a shirt and show everybody their support. A real good resource to get inspiration is They show what is getting a lot of likes, what pages are trending, what is being shared, what is getting talked about, etc. Also, you can use It’s is a collection of data of all past campaigns and current ones on Teespring. I spend a lot of time on Teeview and I suggest you to do the same. It’s totally free and you will find all the new trends with Teespring sellers and you can inspire yourself for your Rip- Pivot – Jam.


Not every audience will buy a shirt. Football fans always wear paint on their faces or dress ridiculously. They will wear anything with their football team’s logo on it. On the other hand, passionate golfers are a bit less flamboyant. Yes, your audience needs to be talking about the subject but they also need to be passionate. There is only one way to find out how hot a market really is and that’s buy selling a few shirts as a test in your target market.

Go to and if you are not already a member, I suggest you to become one. Find a trend that people are talking about. It doesn’t need to be 5 million people, small niches work just fine. Find a small niche market and think about a

shirt idea that you can bring to them.

There are a LOT of choices on, so let’s have a look at what we can find there right now.pagedata


Above is the last page of PTAT (page talk about today) in the U.S. on Number 1498 is the “U.S. Army WTF moments”. It was talked about 32,000 times today and 149,000 times this week. U.S. Army supporters are everywhere. You can make a shirt like “Support Our Troops”. Or target a niche within that niche like “women in the army” or a special profession in the army such as sniper, tank driver, or infantry. People are proud of being in the army. You can also go in the opposite direction by selling shirts to people AGAINST the war and the army in general.

Now let’s keep going up the list to number 1488. George Strait: 40,000 people talked about him today alone and 112,000 times during the week. I’ve never heard of him but I would certainly do a little research since he has a strong following.  This is how you use page data. Those statistics are changing daily. This means that new trends are emerging and new markets are coming online every single day. You don’t have to use Pagedatapro. You can google or find news on the net. But in the end, you will be targeting facebook interest groups so this website is very useful. Also, you cannot target pages specifically with facebook unless you use a scrapper. We will go into how to use scrapper later.

How to target your audience: Target your audience of interest by using the ads creation tool. It’s the simplest and the easiest way to do it. If you want to target a specific page that doesn’t show up when you add by interest, you need to use a software like Social Interest Freak. These is by far the best tool when it comes to advertising on Facebook because it let you customize the audience with people that have not only expressed an interest in a subject but have actually participated with posts or commented on the page. These active people are a lot more involved and are more likely to buy and share your ads. Scrappers are easy to use and should be part of your arsenal of weapons. You don’t need a scrapper to make money with Teespring on Facebook but they do help a lot.

Size of the audience: The more targeted the audience is the better. However, your niche does need to be large enough so you can sell a good number of shirts. I’d rather spend time setting up a big campaign with a big audience where I can hit a home run. The usual size of my home run audiences are over a million people when targeting a general interest audience but I have targeted audiences of less than 100,000 people that also sell very well. Again it depends how targeted your audience is.  Example: I sold a shirt for people that like Adam Levine. This is the shirt:


This is one of the campaigns I ran for the shirt. I created a custom audience using the scrapper Social Interest Freak to gather my audience. The total audience was 20,000 people. Those were people that left comments on one of the Adam Levine pages. There were a lot more people that I scraped with Social Interest Freak but once I narrowed down the audience on Facebook ads to the U.S. only and to the age group of 18+ only, there were 20,000 people remaining on the list.  Of those 20,000, 5,397 people saw my ad and 8 people bought the shirt. Obviously, that doesn’t count people that bought 2 shirts or bought from somewhere other than this advert. So I ended getting about 15 shirts sold. I didn’t made a fortune but it works!23-1

The campaign below is a bigger campaign that targeted 1,300,000 people. I ended up selling over 100 shirts. A bigger audience makes for a bigger payout. You see the daily limit, I had different ad copy running and I usually put the limit at $500 but I didn’t this time.

This one I started very targeted. I found the demographic that was buying the most, which was the age group 39 and older.

There were 220,000 people in that age group. I sold to them and split test different advertising until I was getting conversions for $8.5 like you see above. Then I spread my advertising to all age groups and managed to sell just shy of a 100 hoodies. This is why it’s so important to split test your shirt design and  advertising.1919 under

Hiring a Freelancer

If you haven’t read the “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris go buy it right now. Like the title says, there is only one way to achieve the 4 hour work week: Outsourcing. If you

become good at outsourcing, you can free up your time to work on more meaningful

activities in your business

s. If you aren’t good at designing T-shirts, you need to outsource this so you can

concentrate on your ad designs, finding your next niche, etc.   India, the Philippines, and other developing countries have very good school systems and have people with master degrees ready to work for a fraction of their counterpart North Americans. This is a bargain so go fill out your Skype contact list with freelancers from developing countries. This is how the hiring process for most jobs goes:

Go to Odesk and Elance. Post projects on both websites. Using both websites doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll get a lot better choice of freelancers to select from. The quality of the people you will hire only depends on the amount of choices you have. In your job offer, you want to be as descriptive as you can and make it sound exciting!

You can copy this word for word or use it as a template for your own:


Become part of one the fastest growing t-shirt designing companies on (formerly elance and odesk) We are looking for forward thinking t-shirt logo designers to join our team! If you love a challenge and think of yourself as an excellent designer then we are looking for you!

  1. Please provide us with your bid in dollars per shirt or per hour.
  2. Attach or send a link to your portfolio and past work.
  3. Provide your Skype ID for interviews!

We can get started as soon as you apply!

Your name  

Those three itemized requirements are really important. You want to get their rates, their past experience, and an easy way to communicate with them so you’re not wasting time emailing back and forth. You can start weeding out people with poor portfolios or that are over priced.  A good shirt designer will cost you about $10 to $15 per hour or about $15 to $20 per design.

After posting your job, you need to invite as many freelancers as you can. That is usually about 50+ but don’t skip this step. It will take you 30 minutes to invite those freelancers and it’s well worth it. Your job offer can be pushed down quite fast on the websites’ list of new projects and you want to get as many proposals as possible. When you invite them, don’t use a boilerplate message. You want to make it sounds like you have heard of them before and like their work. The invite would look like this:


I have been following your work for a quite a while now and I really like the designs you are doing! I just opened a new position as a shirt designer and I was hoping you were able to apply for it! If you are available to tackle this job let me know! Just send some info with your application. Please don’t reply to this message because I don’t often look at my messages here, apply using this link:

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Your name 

Once you start receiving offers, you want to start weeding out the people asking for too much like $35 or more per design and those that don’t have a good portfolio. By now, you should have enough freelancers to choose from. Pick your 2 or 3 favorite freelancers and test them with a shirt design. Keep the one you like the best. One thing I look for when hiring is communication speed and their English proficiency level. Even though I’m not a native English speaker, it’s important that my freelancer speak very good English so there is no misinterpretation or loss of time. Good communication will save you money.

Now that you have a good design, go upload it on Teespring. Find the best shirt color it goes with. Create a few campaigns with different colors if you need to and split test them to find the best color. I will show you how to do this in the split test section. I always try to keep my production cost down by using as little color as possible during the design creation phase. I always aim for about $23 production cost per hoodie on a 10 shirt baseline production. If I sell my hoodie for $39.99 that leaves me with about $16 to $17 in profit per shirt. This is enough to cover a good advertising budget and get a big ROI.

I almost always put my baseline shirt order at 10 so I can end my campaign early with only a few sales and if I stick to my bidding model, the campaign will be profitable. I never set it higher than 10 because Teespring always auto-adjusts the earning base on your sales. So, if you end up selling more than 10 shirts, they will give you the same earnings as if you had set your target to a higher amount from the start. Teespring tells you how much money you are making per shirt, write that number down. It is really important because this determines how much you can spend on advertising.

Now you need to create a little sales copy to get people interested in hitting the “buy now” button. The text on your Teespring page is what makes customers that aren’t quite sure about buying the shirt convert into a paying customer. Unless you do copywriting for a living, I suggest you just copy another successful Teespring campaign to start with. Then you can change it as you gain experience. Use  or find a similar well selling shirt for your base ad copy.

Advertising on Facebook

Split testing is the most important part of an advertising campaign. This is where you will find if your design will sell or not.

Split Testing

The idea of split testing is to offer different choices to your audience and let THEM choose which one they prefer. This is where most people fail. They rush a design without proper testing end up losing money and wonder how other people make money. You will spend about 1x your profits on all split testing combined. So if you profit $15 per shirt, set aside $15 for split testing before you decide to keep a design or drop it. This is the order that I usually split test in:

  1. Shirt design
  2. Advertising
  3. Audience
  4. Ad copy

Setting Up the Advertising

1. Shirt Design. On the Teespring checkout page, you can offer different colors for customers to choose from when they checkout. Email or call Teespring and they will add the colors for you. But unless the shirt clearly goes with one particular color or you go with 4 different shirt colors in your advertising image, you will need to split test color to know which one to use with your Facebook advertising campaign.

First create a Facebook advert using WEBSITE CONVERSION. Enter the URL of one of the Teespring shirt colors you created. For the image, use one with an eye-catching border and background. I like to display the price directly on the ad image. My designer handles this work. Sometimes, I just use the one that is automatically generated by Teespring. I even had some success selling shirts without ads at all. But generally, people will buy more if your advert is fancier. So you need to make an advertisement that is eye-catching in order to boost conversion. This is a must or you’re not going to be selling many shirts. Also, make sure you always test your adverts by clicking on it to make sure everything displays properly.

You only want to use Newsfeed ads, unselect everything else. No side ads and no mobile advertising.

Next, enter the text for your ads. For color split testing, the text must be the exact same for all 3 shirts. That way you know it is only the color of the shirts that makes people click one and not the other. By using the same ad copy in all ads, it doesn’t influence their decision.

Select your audience. Upload your custom audience if you have gathered one with Social Interest Freak or select general targeting using the country, age, gender and interest. You can also select if they have kids or not, if they are engaged, single, or married. You can be very targeted using the regular Facebook interest targeting so use it as much as you can.

For the bids, ALWAYS use MANUAL CPC on all your bids. If you use automatic bids, Facebook will ruin you. Make your bid 5 cents higher than the maximum bid suggested on Manual CPC. Your Budget is set at $5 for all campaigns combined for the day! Once the ad is created, do the same for the next shirt color. You need to create a brand new campaign because it is a different URL unless you contact Teespring to manually add colors to your existing campaign. Use the exact same copy, same bid, same audience, with the only difference being the Teespring URL and shirt color.

Now you have 2 or 3 colors split testing, let them run until the $5 budget runs out. Some times I don’t even wait for the full budget to be spent because you can get an

idea of which ad is more popular before that by looking at the click through rate (CTR), the amount of likes, and the comments that the shirts are receiving. The shirt that.

2. Advertising. Now split test different advertising designs with your winning shirt color. Create 2 to 3 different advertising images and split test them. Try different border colors (green seems to work well with men for some reason) and different background images. To get ideas, go on Facebook and like a bunch of pages that are related to your popular shirt on Teeview. Once you like them, you will start to see on your timeline, the advertisings of other Teespring promoters! Take note of how many shirts they sold and their ad design! (Rip, pivot, jam) Use the same bidding system: Manual CPC with 5 cents over the maximum suggested bid. Lifetime budget is $10 for all ads combined! Let it run and look at CTR, likes, and comments. Choose the one that seems to attract the most attention. Drop all the others. Now, you have your winning advertising image!   attracted the most attention is the one you keep. Drop all the other colors. If another color got very good response, I would call Teespring and ask them to add the color to the available choice at checkout. (Keep in mind that you can only have a maximum of 5 choices to offer to your customers under a Teespring URL. If you already offer 1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeve, and 1 hoodie, you can have a maximum of 2 colors. (1+1+1+2=5)

You have now spent about $15, which is approximately 1x profit for a hoodie. If you have made a sale by now, you are going to keep that shirt. Next, you will split test the audience and up the bids. You will spend 1x profits per age group. If you still don’t have a sale but have a good CTR, comments, and share, proceed to split testing the audience also but instead of spending 1x profits per age group, spend 1x profits total.

3. Audience.  Now split test the audience to find which part of the population is buying your shirt the most. I always split test by sex and age. Let’s say my shirt is for men, the split test goes like this: men 18 to 28 years old, men 28 to 38 years old, men 39-48, and men 49 and older. With a budget approximately equal to the profit of one shirt sale per age group unless I haven’t sold a shirt. In that case I spend the profit of one shirt sale total, on all age groups. When I split test for audience, I use the exact same ads so all the comments, shares, and likes are shared on all the ads. If you change the copy or the image at this point, you will lose your likes/comments/shares.

Split testing is done. The reason we were bidding 5 cents over the suggested bid is so we don’t spend the whole day split testing. It goes fairly quickly but now we have collected valuable information and know what is selling. We can now lower the bid and start making money.

By now, I have dropped most of my designs because they didn’t sell. I usually have at least one sale by now and will stay with that shirt. But let’s say I haven’t made a sale yet and I found during my split testing that men between 39 and older have the highest

CTR and were sharing my ads a lot. I will ONLY advertise to them and split test ad copy for another 1x profit of all ads combined. If I have made sales, then the next step is opening sales to all age group

4. Ad copy. When you do this isn’t critically important. It can come before split testing age groups or after because different age groups will respond to different messages but I usually do it after. This is all about finding an angle appealing to each age group. It’s a way to connect with each audience that is particular to that specific audience.

Example: Lets pretend that we advertise a shirt to men that are 59 years or older and they are Bronco fanatics. A generic ads would say: “Get this shirt if you like the Broncos!” Using an angle for older people that want to feel young goes like this: “feel young again and support your Broncos with this shirt!” Or you can use a wisdom angle: “Over age 40? Then you have seen it all! Show that you know who will win the big game by wearing this Broncos shirt!” Or an angle for older people that don’t want to be alone: “don’t stay alone and stand behind your team! Buy this LIMITED EDITION

Bronco shirt today!” There is an infinite list of options for split testing. You can split test basically everything! Once you have found a winner, you still can and should keep split testing to increase your ROI.

Final step: You can do this as soon as you find a winner. Have a look at your average cost per conversion (CPC) from your winning advertising/split group. You want to keep your CPC as low as possible. Bring down your maximum bid for your CPC to about 80% of the maximum suggested. This should run at a maximum bid of about 20 to 25 cents per click to increase profits. So if the maximum suggested is 20 cents, I would bid about 17 cents per click. The lower the better. On a hoodie bring in $17 to $18 in profits per sale, that should both bring in enough customers and bring in very nice profit if it sells well.

If you don’t get traffic then wait. Sometimes it takes time for Facebook to recognize your ads. Don’t raise your bid or increase your budget. If by any chance, facebook is not working properly and your ads are not showing with a bid at 80% of the suggested bid, stay calm. Just create a similar ad in a different campaign. This will resolve most of the problems when ads are not showing at all or often enough. Never increase your budget or your bid unless it’s part of your advertising strategy. If you still don’t get traffic then you can start slowly increasing your bid.

If you’re making profits now, change your budget from lifetime to daily and increase your budget to about $50. If you are still making profits once you reach about $40 in daily advertising costs, increase your budget to $100, then to $300, and then to $500 and let it ride. Play with your maximum CPC once in a while. Go UP to get more traffic or DOWN to increase ROI… try to see which move is delivering more profits to your bottom line.

Also, always have a calculator and make sure that your profits are increasing. You should know at ALL TIMES, how much profit you make per shirt on any current campaign, how much money you are spending on advertising, and how much money per shirt you are earning.

Here’s the formula: sales – (advertising + expenses) = net profits.

Your net profits should be increasing. Run the formula every 12 hours or more often if you’re just starting. This is the most important part! Always calculate! You need to know if you are bleeding money or making money.

When I do split testing, I always have 2 to 3 shirts to split test. If one doesn’t work, I’m not afraid to drop it because I have other designs/audiences to try. Don’t fall in love with your design, drop one if it doesn’t sell right away.

DO NOT split test different things at the same time. Example: having a split test for the picture at the same time as you’re running a split test for the ads and split testing your audience… you are wasting money. Do one at a time. Split test shirt color, once you have a winning color, split test the advertising design, once you have a winning advertising image, split test the ad copy, once you have a winning ad copy, split test the target audience.

How Much to Bid Per Shirt?

The answer is to keep it as low as possible! You want to bid low enough to keep your costs down but high enough so facebook is showing your ad. Let’s say you are just starting out with a brand new shirt, how much should you bid? Well, if your design made it through the split testing phase you should already have at least one sale by now. Right? Otherwise, you have to drop the shirt at this point. Lets look at this facebook example. This one ads got 2 sales, what should we do?2

First, we need to know how much we are making per shirt. In this case, we are selling a hoodie for $39.99 and our production cost is $24.00. We are left with a profit of $16.00 per shirt. Here you see that we are spending $5.54 per conversion so we are making a net profit of $10.46 per shirt. Great! In that case, I wouldn’t touch anything and just raise the daily budget for this ads to $200 and keep an eye on it.

But what if the ad is not reaching people anymore? What if someone else is out bidding your ads and facebook is showing someone else’s ad. If facebook stopped showing your ads it’s almost certainly because other people have outbid you within your targeted market. You need to increase your bid but by how much? In our example, we made 2 sales in 64 clicks so 1 sale for every 32 clicks. Take the $16.00 profit per shirt divided by 32 clicks = 50 cents per click maximum. That means you can increase your bid up to 50 cents per click and still be profitable if the conversion rate stays the same. Any thing above that will cause you to start losing money if everything else stays the same. In that case, if I wanted to reach more people, I’d slowly increase the bid to 20 cents, 25 cent, and 30 cents until Facebook starts to showing your ad to enough people again without going above 50 cents.

How to Setup Advertising on Facebook:

I always use website conversion because it allows me to track which advertising is successfully converting. I really think it is the best to use and I’m almost always using it. The other option is promoting a post you made on your page. I will only use this if I have a shirt that I know will sell because I sold it before. But 90% of the time I use website conversion.

For the picture, I will upload a different picture on the same ads when I do split testing. Sometimes when I need more precise information, I will create a brand new campaign for every picture to split test because facebook doesn’t always show ads evenly. Example: If you put your campaign budget for split test to $5 and you have 3 different pictures to split test on the same campaign, facebook can spend $4 on the first picture and the remaining  $1 on the 2 other ads. Sometimes I don’t care but if you want to have an accurate split test, you need to create a new campaign for every picture.  Newsfeed, side ads, or mobile ads.

I exclusively use Newsfeed. It gives me the most visibility. I never use side ads or mobile ads. Same thing with the “show your page activity beside your ads” button, I always click it off. I don’t want to distract my audience. My goal is making them click on my ads and buy a shirt.

Copywriting: In the copy I always use words like: NOW, TODAY, ONLY, LIMITED EDITION. Those words will make people want to act now. They need to understand that this is a limited time offer. I could write a completely new book on copywriting and sales. But I will give you examples of a few advertisements I’m using and you can base your copy on that.senadam

How to Increase your Conversion rate and your CTR.

There is no magic bullet. You need to split test different ads copy, advertising and audiences. If you have a winning ads, you can try different background color, different layout of the ads. Move the price tag around. Sometimes small changes make a big difference. Younger crowd tend to spend a little less so if you target the older crowd, this can bring your conversion rate higher.2 111


Q1. If I end my campaign early, will I get paid?

A1. If your    campaign tipped then yes, if it didn’t, you will not get paid.

Q2. What is a good time to scale up my campaign?

A2. As soon as you make sales and you are profitable you want to start scaling up.Increase your daily budget gradually. Increase  from   $20 to $50 to $100 to $200, and then to $ 500. Monitor and make sure you are still profitable after each raise. Once you  spent  $100 and are still profitable it ‘s safe to raise your daily maximum budget to $500  and let it ride.

Q3. I am getting a lot of likes, comments, and shares but no one is buying  what should I do?    

 A3. Usually this is because you are not aggressive enough in your marketing. I always put my price in the copy or display in the ads so people know this is for sale. Also, Add some urgency: LIMITED TIME OFFER! ONLY A FEW LEFT! $10.00 OFF TODAY! HURRY!

Q4. Where to put tracking pixel?

A4. If it doesn’t show like on the picture below, you need to call or email Teespring and they will add it. Once they add it, it is available for all of your campaigns.pixel

Q5. Should I use CPM, CPC, or optimized bid? Manual or automatic?

A5. I use manual CPC bids. Sometimes I use bid for website conversion and I put the target at $10 to $12 per shirt (if it’s a hoodie). But more often I will use manual CPC to really control my cost.

Q6. Can I keep the same URL once my campaign is over?

A6. Yes you can, just fire an email to Teespring and they will doit for you.

Q7. How can I add more colors to my design?

A7. Email or call Teespring customer service and they will add the colors.

Q8. What are the best post engagements, page likes, click to websites or website conversion?

A8. Don’t use facebook like. Nobody will buy a shirt and it is a waste of money and time. Only use website conversion when starting. This is the only way you can really track which ads are converting and which are not. Always use website conversion with the tracking pixel.

Q9. How many shirts should I buy when starting a new campaign to kick start the sales? 

 A9. Never buy your own shirt. I have ordered only one of my shirts because it was a design I liked and I wanted to see the quality of the product but that was the only reason. Don’t buy your own shirt, it won’t help you sell more.