Top 15 Best Selling Teespring campaigns.

This is the top 15 best-selling Teespring campaigns. It’s important to understand better how a winning campaign is made. There is a lot of fund raiser and a couple Internet marketing campaign.

It’s important to note that all of the designs are professionally done. There is no point in trying to do the design yourself if you are not good in design make sure you let a graphic designer handle the work.

One thing to keep in mind, is that most of the campaign come to live only a few days after the event take place. So that’s why its important to keep your eyes open on the news and what is happening so you can take advantage of the opportunity as they arrive.

So without further due, lets have a look at:

The top 15 Teespring campaigns

Number 1: The granite mountain hotshots crew

Sold: 27 480

Profits: $274 800


granite badge

The granite mountain hotshots crew shirt was created in memories of 19 fire fighter that dies during the yarnell hill fire. They were member of the granite mountain hotshot crew which is a wildfire rescue team. The yarnell hill fire was the biggest lost of fire firghter since 1933.

The teespring campaign started a few days after the end of the tragedy. Initial goal was 75 and they sold 27 480 shirts. It was a verified donation so 100% of the profits went in help of the family.

The shirt was price at 20$ and the production cost on a simple tee isaround 10$ so they raised about 274 800$ in only a few days! When a whole community get together behind a cause, thats what happend!

Number 2: Join Guinness and support firefighters

Sold: 7707

Profits: $ 77 070


guiness badge

In this teespring campaign, The leary foundation (who raise money to buy equipement, education and training to fire fighter across the USA) join forces with guinness for the st-patrick day. They created this unique shirt and it went viral! They sold a total of 7707 shirts!

The shirt was selling for 20$ and production cost was about 10$ which leave them with a very successful fund raising campaign. $77 000 raised in about a week!

Number 3: Detroit Fire Mutual Help

Sold: 7147

Profits: $71 470


detroit badge

This shirt is sold by the detroit mutual aid to raise money to purchase equipment for the fire fighters. They purchase glove, flashlight and extraction tool


This campaign is ongoing and they relaunch it as soon as it ends. The current campaign as 7000 shirts sold which give them more than 70 000$ in money raise!

Number 4: 7793 Fundraiser

Sold: 6918

Profits: $103 770



This shirt is another fund raising campaign made in memories of the Air Ambulance ornge 7793 who crashed in Northern Ontario, Canada and killing all of the 4 passenger. 2 pilots and 2 paramedics.

It’s another sad tragedy but they successfully raised over 100 000$ in only a few days by selling 6918 shirts. The t-shirt was price at 25$ which gives 15 dollars profit per shirt.

Again here speed was the most important part. The tragedy happened on the 31st of may and the campaign ended on the 13th of june.

Number 5: Twitch

Sold: 6511

Profits: $65 000


twitch badge

Twitch is a video game streaming platform. If you are bored of watching re-run of oprah, you can go on twitch and watch people battling each other live at counterstrike, dota, minecraft, etc…

When the typhoon Hayan hit the phillipines killing 6268 people and making it the deadliest phillipine typhoon ever. Twitch decided to step up and help the phillipines.

They dedicated one of their store and raise just over 60 00$ making it the 3rd more lucrative shirt sales of all time.

Number 6: Stay strong Boston

Sold: 6313

Profits: $63 130

stay strong boston

The stay strong Boston shirt have been created to support the victims of the 2013 Boston marathon bombing which happened on april 15th 2013.

This Campaign ended 15 days after the event took place. So it must have started only a few days right after the marathon. They raised just over 60 000$ and this campaign was a verified donation by teespring.

Number 7: Cute enough to stop your heart skilled enough to restart it

Sold: 4292

Profits: $72 964

cute enough to stop your heart

certified nurse association

This shirt has been very popular and re-launch in different version. This version feature the CNA (certified nursing assistant) crest.

Certified nurse assistant work under the supervision of a registered nurse. The course to become CNA takes about 3 months.

They sold 4292 shirts of this version and profited 17$/hoodie which bring the earning to a whooping $72 964.

Number 8: Trust me i’m an Engineer

Sold: 4158

Profits: $20 790


engineer badge

Everybody knows an engineer. This shirt got very popular very fast. I have seen multitude version on different profession but the engineer version just beat them all!

They sold 4158 shirts. The price tag on this shirt was low at only 14$. If they got their production cost was 9$ they have profited a total of  $20 790 on this campaign. Not a bad week at work!

Number 9: I read past my bedtime

Sold: 3989

Profits: $ ???

read past my bed time

Jayne Rylon is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She write erotic and romantic novel for women.

She first launched her shirt on teespring and sold just over 200 shirts. She then went on a nomination for the teespring madness. She wins it with the votes of all her supporter. 

Teespring Madness winner get a re-run of their shirt at a very low discounted price so she was able to price her shirt at 5$ only and sold 3989 shirts! I cannot say for sure if she made any profits or it was uniquely for her readers.

Number 10: Cute enough to stop your heart

Sold: 3929

Profits: $ 66 793

cute enough2

cute enough2 badge

Yes, this one made it twice in our top 15. This is a slightlty different version than the number 6 because this is not directly address to the CNA but to all the medical field.

Nurse fashion is trending and by clicking on the link you see in the description, it leads you to another campaign from the same marketers. They succesfully re-launch this campaign 6 more times in pink and in different shirt style.

This is how many shirt they sold on the 6 consecutive re-print: 1285 sold – 1567 sold – 2386 sold – 3123 sold – 727 sold – 44 sold. The first reprint start low at 1285 shirts sold and come back up to 3123 shirts sold on the third re-print to come back down to 44 shirts sold on the last one.

So in total of all the campaigns, they sold 13 061 shirts making $222 037 in less than 2 months just relaunching the exact same t-shirt with slight modification on the color and design!

But because we are ranking campaign and not overall sells this campaign is in number 9 but could have been in number 2. Well done marketers!

Number 11: IAVA Winning design

Sold: 3654

Profits: $ 36 540


IAVA stand for: Iraq and Afganistan veterans of America. Their goal is to help 21st century veterans that went to iraq or afganistan from the day they get back home and all through their lives.

They hold a contest for the best shirt design within their follower and this design win one of the contest. The winner would get is shirt printed on a teespring campaign.

They sold 3654 shirts of that design and were able to raise about $36 540. They also launch at least 2 more design which each of them sold: 1387 shirts and 1135 shirts. So in total of those 3 campaigns, they made about $61 760.

Number 12: IAVA Winning design

Sold: 2942

Profits: $ 20 594

country girl mantra

country girl mantra badge

This shirt has the logo banner in the back and a small badge on the front. Lots of shirt are based on this exact model in different niches. There’s a lot of guns shirt with prayer in the back just like this one.

They made just over 20 000$ in only one teespring Campaign!

Number 13: Hugs for Houston Fire

Sold: 2920

Profits: $ 6000

hugs for houston

hugs for houston badge

The 100 club is an organisation that provides financial support to the wives and childrens of firefighter and policeman that died in the line of duty. They pay off their debt and pay for the education of their children. When i found out this, i actually wanted to buy a shirt!

This is the link to their website: The 100 Club.

The shirt was price at 10$ So im not sure 100% what was their production cost, but if it was anywhere 8$ they are looking at only 2$/shirts profits. So overall they raised about 6000$ and hopefully they will get more donation as people wear this shirt.

Number 14: Support West Texas Fire & EMS

Sold: 2712

Profits: $ 27 120

Support West, Texas Fire EMS

support west badge

14 people died during the fire and explosion of the west Texas fertilizer company hat happend on april 17th 2013. This fund raising was designed to help the family of the people hit by the tragedy.

This was a verified Donation and all the profits went to help the family.

They sold 2712 shirt and and made about 27 120$ in profits.

Number 15: Duck Strong

Sold: 2632

Profits: $ 20 924

duck strong

duck strong badge

Duck Strong is a shirt made from the tv-reality show Duck Dynasty. It features a family that produce duck whistle for hunter. If you haven’t watch the show yet you can look it up.

The Duck dynasty went under fire when Phil Robertson, one of the  made some Anti-gay comment. All hell went loose and the news went viral.

That was perfect timing to release this shirt because controversy always sell! 2632 Shirts sold in one campaign earning about $20 924!


Thats It, I hope you enjoyed this top 15! If you want to learn how to make money with teespring, click here!