Top 15 Most Influential Facebook Advertising Bloggers

So I wrote about Teespring facebook advertising  techniques and softwares. Now it’s time to talk about other bloggers.

This post is all about social media marketers and Facebook advertisers who take the time out of their busy schedule to share their knowledge and help other people to learn and succeed online. There is no real scale when it comes to Facebook advertising and social media marketing. It’s all about blog content and popularity.

The order is determine by how much I use their website, how easy it is to navigate and how useful the information is. If you think I missed someone just let me know in the comment section at the bottom.

1 – Amy Porterfield

Amy is all about email marketing and Facebook advertising. What’s the point of spending all that money to acquire clicks if you have to pay all over again once your campaign is over? She capture prospect email so she can retarget them again and again. She host a weekly podcast fill with facebook advertising advices. (her last podcast with Ray Edward is a must listen on copywriting)


2 – Mari Smith

Mari Smith really is the expert when it comes to relationship marketing. She actually wrote a book called relationship marketing which is all about selling through Facebook. Her blog is kept up to date with a lot of great infographic and useful post.Mary


3 – Jay Baer

Convince and convert has been live since 2008.  Jeff blog is mostly about how to promote your businesse online using social media. He has regular guest bloggers and he offer great interviews and great content.convinceandconvert



4 – Pam Moore

She has been named top 10 Social Media Influencers. In her blog, she write about how to build a community online and she help businesses establish themselves on facebook, google + and other social media. I got a very good laugh when reading her post on what not do on a facebook page.pammoore


5 – Guy Kawasaki

He is the brain behind Canva is a very cool website which talk only about design. There is tons of great content on their blog but the most useful information I found is with their software… it is aweomse. It helps you design Professional Sharable content… for free! You can use it for facebook advertising, google + anything you want. Lets face it, 90% of the engagement we get is due to the images we choose. The software is totally free to use and pay per use for certain images. Give it a try and tell me what you think. canva


6 – Laura Roeder

LKR Social media is another awesome resource for fresh and great ideas on how to run your multiple Facebook pages. Her Blog is up to date and new content is added regularly. She offer a course on how to create a social media presence for businesses.lkrsocialmedia


7 – Michael Stelzner

The social media examiner is jam packed with info on social media Marketing. It has been created about 4 years ago and is a must read when it comes to facebook advertising. I loved their post on the heat map of the eye-tracking study on Facebook page. Definitely a great read.socialmediaexaminer


8 – Ahna Hendrix

She really is the queen of Facebook marketing. She specialize in helping business have an impact on social media. If you want good ideas to get sharable picture for your fanpages, just take a look at her blog post feature pictures. They are basically designed to be shared on facebook: eye catching, simple words and very well designed. Her blog is packed with good information. ahnahendrix


9 – Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer blog has been open for about 3 years now. He always have up to date information on his blog. Mainly about facebook advertising. He offer training and course on facebook advertising. He offers solid tips on how to manage your campaigns. Definitely worth a read. jon loomer


10 – Travis Petelle

Travis Petelle is all about Facebook advertising and selling t-shirts online. He was one of the first to share his success on the warrior forum concerning Teespring. His blog is definitely makes for a great read if you’re into Facebook adverting or t-shirt sales. The bog has been running for almost 2 years and we are expecting more great content from him. travisp


11 – PPC Coach

Ppc coach is well known in the advertising world! He is been doing all kind of advertising online like cpa offers on POF, google ads, facebook ads obviously and he has been very succesfull with Teespring. He offers coaching and a member area on his site. I am not a member yet but I am sure curious what’s behind. Is main site is here: www.ppc-coach.comcoach


12 – Andrea Vahl

Andrea AKA grandma Mary is another great resource on facebook marketing. She manage advertising campaign for clients and she host a blog that gives advices on online business in general. Very useful and you even get Grandma Mary pep talk as a bonus. andreav


13 – Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a pro blogger. His main topic is promoting blogs through social media (facebook, twiter, inkedin) Jeff Got rank #8 in the Forbes top 40 social marketing talent. He is a regular speaker at Social media event and his book: “blogging the smart way” is about using facebook to promote your own blog. Over all great info on Facebook marketing.jeff


14 – InsideFacebook

This site is own by media bistro which own  InsideFacebook offers a round up of information on facebook. What is trending and what is happening. So if you want to know about the major trend on facebook go read their blog. The site has been running for 8 years now.inside

15 – Social Media Today

This website is like the new York times of social media marketers. It gives daily indepth updates on all the big social channels like facebook, google +, twitter, linked in. If you need a place to go to find new ideas to where to market your shirt.


Thanks for reading my post! If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

If you want to become well known like the people above, Go and get started with facebook advertising. Check out my post on how to create successful teespring campaign here!