Advertise differently to men and women on Facebook!

Hey guys, I just finish reading this articles on Forbes. It is really interesting. You should check it out here

What they say is that “Women are 56% of Facebook users… that’s about 56 million more people. Also Women are more active than men… Women have 8% more friends and participate in 62% of the sharing.” Not too bad when you tried to make an advertising or a page viral…. Ok i have to say that as of today, my biggest buyers are men. But obviously i would be blind to keep it that way! Im gonna try different thing to get more women in my net in the following days.

They also go over how both sexes use facebook and other social media for different purposes. where women use it more to connect and share, men use it more to learn, gain competitive advantage and promote themselves… Sounds about right.

It’s a good read,  how can we apply that to our business? comment below! Have you check my techniques to make money with teespring?